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Dried Flower Bars

As promised, a little more info about the new dried flower bars! If you’re like me I love incorporating natural plants and grasses in to my home. Dried flowers are a maintenance free and cost effective alternative to fresh flowers. They also offer some colour contrast to live house plants and can balance out a room.

They come in two sizes, the small and medium. The bases are made of spalted maple and come with a selection of soft white and natural sprigs. A large pampas grass fills the centre and is surrounded by a blend of bunny tails, timothy grass, linum and phalaris. The fun part is, you get to arrange them yourself! Insert up to three stems together in each hole on the top. I usually prefer to group the same kind of plant in each hole, but if you like to mix and match, go ahead!

Length is something to consider when inserting the stems. A good rule of thumb is to make the long and narrow stems tallest, and the bushy/cluster stems a little shorter. Also try to keep the tallest stems in the centre and the shorter stems around the outside, creating a slight domed effect.


So now you have your piece arranged. Where to put it? Because you don’t have to worry about heat damage (they’re already dried!) these work great on a fireplace mantle where natural plants would not survive. Also consider them for dark corners where you need a pop of light. They even look good in the corner of a bathroom vanity due to their narrow width and tall height. They frame a mirror beautifully.

Flower options

Consider updating the flowers and grasses seasonally using different colours. Pinks in the spring, dark oranges and browns in the fall, some pops of red at Christmas. You may even be able to forage some unique grasses and flowers from a roadside ditch or your own flower garden. The options are endless.

The flower bars will be available for purchase at the spring One of a Kind Show next week running March 30 to April 3rd. I’d love to see you there! I’ll be at booth B47. You can also buy them here on my website and in my new shop opening early May at 576 Talbot St. in St. Thomas. I would love to see how you arrange and display your flower blocks. Please tag me in your photos on instagram @suzanne.faris or share in the comments below.

Thanks so much, have a great weekend!

Always, Suzanne

2 thoughts on “Dried Flower Bars

  1. You have a shop in St Thomas??!! We need to talk! I want these flower bars for my new house….

    1. Yes I can’t believe it! It happened so fast. I’m sure we can get a flower bar for you 🙂

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