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New Store

So very excited to announce the opening of my first storefront right here in St. Thomas! Ever since I started sewing pillows back in 2015 I have dreamt of having a shop but didn’t think it would be possible. But I’ve been keeping my eye on the market and the right building came up at the right time. Oh wow did I fall in love with this little place.

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Dried Flower Bars

As promised, a little more info about the new dried flower bars! If you’re like me I love incorporating natural plants and grasses in to my home. Dried flowers are a maintenance free and cost effective alternative to fresh flowers. They also offer some colour contrast to live house plants and can balance out a room.

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Gallery Wall 2022

I’m excited to present the Gallery Wall 2022! Work has been progressing behind the scenes for some time and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’m passionate about making local art available to homeowners, businesses and interior designers.

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For the love of candles

For our 15th wedding anniversary in 2020, we planned a trip to Denmark. As you can expect, it was cancelled. It still benefitted me in many ways though. I had been researching Danish design for months leading up to it and discovered a new word which soon captivated my heart. Hygge. Recently popularised from the Danish language through books such as “The little book of Hygge: The Danish way to live well” by Meik Weiking. It basically means “cozy happy times”. Denmark is famous for its high happiness ratings. This seems surprising to many due to its northern placement on the map and many months of cold dark winter. If you ask the Danes, they agree that their belief in hygge and creating it in their homes is what this happiness is all about. And love of candles is right at it’s centre.

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New Christmas Products

With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to tell you about a few new things in stock. It’s been a busy fall collecting materials in the midst of covid with supply issues. Although some items won’t be here in time (terrazzo for the little tables…sob). Many other suppliers went over and above to get me the things I needed. Thank you Gordon Fabrics and The Clockery! I also made a few new things to fill in the gaps.

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New Building, Old Soul

The Mitchell’s Soup move-in is complete! Aside from some more setup here and there, everyone is back to work and busy staying ahead of the fall surge. I developed the design and monitored details through the building process these last 6 months. New buildings are the perfect opportunity to either re-direct or flesh out the company culture through environment design. How we feel in a space effects how we work and relate to one another. It was the goal of Mitchell’s Soup to focus first and foremost on community and supporting their working team. Healthy relationships between the various departments is essential for a successful work culture.

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The New Terrazzo Collection

Last week the new terrazzo collection officially launched. An exciting time! Much anticipation and work led up to this point starting a couple years ago when my curiosity with terrazzo first began. Initially the plan was just to do the tables using terrazzo tiles but I struggled to find good sources. I considered using regular glazed tile but with stores closed due to covid there was no way to get my hands on the material before buying. I’m pretty picky when it comes to tile.  I was reluctant to let the idea go so I decided to try and make terrazzo myself. In the end it opened up more opportunities to use the medium in new and unexpected ways. 

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Tips for buying pre-loved

With the warm weather finally returning, it’s a great time to spruce up our summer wardrobe! I don’t know if you’re like me but I like to purchase clothing and accessories from all kinds of sources. Let’s be honest, most of us can’t afford to buy from the prestigious brands all the time so we have to fill out the rest of our wardrobe with more affordable pieces. Enter, the pre-loved option. Right now one of the biggest fashion trends out there. It’s been slowly growing over the last few years with backlash against unethical foreign labour and the vast accumulation of wasteful fast fashion. It’s now cool and responsible to buy second hand 🙂 – Here’s a few tips for buying pre-loved.

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Introducing the Circle Purse

Excited to introduce the new Circle Purse design! Perfect for a Mother’s Day day gift, offering an introductory price until April 30th. A super unique bag, small batch production means this is a one time offering in these fabrics and only available while supplies last.

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Restock and new things

Hello Covid friends, if you’re like me I’m ready for this all to be over. Ugh. In good time, we’re all learning patience and how to cook from home. Until then, I’m happy to say I have restocked several bags in the etsy shop for you along with opening a new storefront on Head on over there and check it out!

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