Hello from St. Thomas Ontario

Welcome to my storefront studio! I'm dedicated to designing and making timeless handbags & home goods using quality materials for lifelong enjoyment right here in St. Thomas, Ontario. Take advantage of free shipping in the online store. Read about my work here, enjoy! - Suzanne


Time to take flight...

A feminine twist on the aviator's style, this brand-new collection is iconic and eye-catching. Inspired by the vertical stitching on vintage leather aviation seats, there is strength and fortitude woven into the delicate lines. Solid brass hardware completes the look with black leather accents. Select your strap options, and you're set! Did you know "Aviatrix" is an old term for a female pilot? Choose from three distinct bag styles, each with it's own speciality.

Prima A | A large oval-shaped standing handbag

First Class | An effortlessly iconic purse with timeless appeal.

The Trix | An incredibly handy + comfortable chest bag

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Leather handbags

  • Original Design

    Suzanne designs each piece down to the last detail. From inspiration to pencil sketch, to material sourcing and prototyping. Each style is original and timeless

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  • Quality Materials

    The primary material, leather, is durable and stands the test of time. Brass hardware and custom zippers keep things secure and moving easily.

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  • Sustainable

    Because I make in small batches I have no oversupply or product waste. My supply chains are short and I make sure to design in a variety of sizes to use materials down to the last piece.

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The storefront studio

Come check out my studio where all the magic happens! Located in the old railway town of St. Thomas, Ontario, we're a quaint community just outside of Toronto with beautiful parks and a historic downtown.

With a big old door and squeaky wood floors, this place grabbed me the minute I walked in. Set up with a showroom in the font and sewing studio in the back it's the perfect spot to create and sell. Come say hello!

Getting there

Small batch design

"My inspiration often begins with materials, whether it is wood, stone, leather, cotton or elements from nature. Natural textures are so rich and varied, elevating those characteristics is the highest form of design for me. Using a material in a new way brings natural elements right in to our homes. They become a functional part of our everyday life, enriching our environment and bringing beauty to form."


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The terrazzo collection

Designed with simplicity and the natural texture of stone. A collection of small side tables and wall clocks, made to order. Durable surfaces and genuine material, bringing warmth to your space.

Contact me to place your order and select customizations.

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