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The Trix - Stone

The Trix - Stone

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The little sister in the new "Aviatrix" collection. Say hello to the stone colour and the most comfortable chest bag you'll ever find! "The Trix" is your go-to bag for a busy around town day when you're in and out. It stays in place whether you're driving or lugging things around, keeping your essentials close. The firm stitched front mimics the vertical stitching on vintage airplane seats and provides some structure while the soft back conforms comfortably to your body. 

You're ready to take off and reach the skies! 


Choose your strap length: 30" or 40" (model wearing 30" strap)

Available in four colours: Stone, Olive, Poppy & Ebony

Size: - 9" wide, 7" high, 2" deep

Care instructions: wipe down with a dry or damp cloth, apply a leather protector if desired. 

Materials:  Leather | Solid brass hardware | YKK zippers | Cotton canvas

*Hides are a by-product of the meat industry. Transformation into leather is the best use for those hides, making it a sustainable material.

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Yes, made in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Image of Suzann Faris
With so many “things” in the world vying for our attention and easily accessible do we really need another brand with more stuff? These are questions I ask myself as a maker and designer. Am I a contributor to the problem of oversupply and waste? A sobering thought, and one that lies at the foundation of my work in timeless design. The best way to reduce waste and needless spending is to buy things we can keep for a long time. How do we do that?

Art and design has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was lucky to be born into a family culture that valued making things.  In the early 2000’s I studied fine art and graphic design in Alberta and worked freelance in design, sculpture and art education. There I met my husband Paul and we moved to Ontario to began a family. From the quiet days spent at home as a young mom, the wide variety of goods you see today began to emerge. 


Now that I'm in my work full-time, I'm beginning to understand the purpose coming through. And timely! With a world crippled by the fast fashion industry and disposable furniture & appliances filling up the landfills, we need to move forward differently. 

Three values are central to my work:

- Natural Materials: As much as possible, use materials that can decompose or be re-fashioned. 
- Quality: Make goods that last, can stand up to daily use and not wear out before their time. Even be passed on to our children.
- Timeless design: Choose clean lines and a classic look that won't go out of style and remain "dated".  Making these pieces beautiful and fashionable for years to come. 

And so we begin to learn how to live differently. Making intentional choices to buy natural, quality and timeless pieces for our home and wardrobes. This is the beginning of living sustainably and with thoughtfulness. This is how we create a new future not only for ourselves, but for our children and those coming after them. 

All the handbags and sewn items I make by hand from my storefront studio. The wood and stone pieces I make in our home woodshop. I love having a variety of materials and tools at my disposal to make ideas reality. Thanks for coming along!
Here to help you build your timeless look, one piece at a time.   

– Suzanne
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Jessica Barton
Best chest/belt bag!

I love the way this fits and contours to my body and also that I can wear it across my shoulder or around my waist. I can fit a surprising amount into it and it doesn’t feel heavy and is quite comfortable even while moving around. One of the best features is that I don’t have to take it off when I get in the car to drive! I love that it is local and handmade with great quality leather and well thought out design. Suzanne was very wonderful to work with on my order and I highly recommend her!